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A God of Many Voices?

It's Politically Correct to Say God is telling Each of us something different but that begs some questions; In other words, what does God say differently to you about forgiveness than He says to me or someone else? What does God say to you about Love different then He says to me or someone else? How about Salvation, does He also give each of us a private interpretation for that too? I'm not judging anyone and neither am I in condemnation towards anyone but, I don't believe for one minute that God is telling everyone something different because God is not the author of confusion.

I believe there's several voices and we ourselves choose the ones we want to listen to. Some of them sound like God, because God often speaks to us through our inner voice and His voice sounds like our own inner voice. But in this day and age, most of the voices are very loud, persistent, manipulative and pushy and for the sake of discussion, we'll call those voices "the wisdom of men." Historically and biblically that would be the wide path, the path most people choose.

That's where we'll find the crowd, all those who make the easy decision to do what everyone else is doing because truthfully, that's what feels safest. Even though the underlying motive may be fear of rejection, it still feels safe to follow the crowd, something like joining a gang. Initially the motive is to be accepted and fear of rejection and fear of the trouble that may result if you don't join, which eventually morphs into a sense of safety in numbers.

The other lone voice is that which stands all alone on the height of the hill, where the paths meet (Proverbs 8:2). That voice is pointing to the path least taken. That's the path Joshua and Caleb pointed out after spying the land. That's also the same path chosen by Daniel and the Hebrew boys.

I believe we're living in a day and age like no time before, we're being put to the task of hearing the Voice of the Shepherd in the midst of a crowd of many voices. So called experts, politicians, celebrities and and women of God, called to unashamedly, minister the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

Dear God give us ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying, in Jesus Name We Pray, Amen!


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