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The victory of the Cross

Colossians 2:15

And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it. KJV

Here is the breathtaking picture of what Christ accomplished for all who believe. The devil, the father of lies, the deceiver, that romancer, with all his schemes and plots was utterly defeated at the cross. The victory that Christ won was for us, His followers. When He cast off the powers of the enemy from Himself, He was doing it for us. The Apostle Paul gives us a glimpse into what happened in the spirit realm at the death of Christ. This revelation was given to Paul for the Church to “see” what in reality took place. The Church should “see” and actually grasp the fact that we have been given the green light to live in victory.

Looking back to the Gospel accounts, those who were on the scene the day Christ died had no clue as to what the death on the cross meant. After the death of Jesus, many of the disciples gave up on what they once thought the messiah was to accomplish. Although some may have witnessed Jesus dying on the cross, without a revelation from God, all they saw was a man dying. All they felt was their hope of the promised kingdom fading. Even today, many who claim to be believers remain ignorant of what was accomplished on the cross. The scriptures tell us plainly what happened when Jesus died.

“…with the cross, he won the victory and showed the world that they were powerless. New Century Version

Here it is. Jesus won the victory for us with the cross. God showed the world that the devil and all of the principles in the kingdom of darkness were powerless to stop Him. Those spiritual tyrants could not impede the plan that God waited so long to execute. At the cross, the principalities, rulers, spiritual tyrants of Satan’s’ domain were disarmed. They were stripped of their bogus authority. Paul uses military terms here to emphasis that a complete victory was accomplished at the cross. All the vanquished foes have been forced into complete subjection to Christ. All believers in Christ need not fear that lying devil or his accomplices anymore.

We are now, in reality, free from the power, domination and influence of that wicked one, the devil. We no longer have to be held as hostages or captives of the devil through deception or by religious manipulation. Religion keeps followers in fear concerning the devil. This is because religious people, ignorant of what happened on the cross continue to believe Satan is all powerful. Many uninformed Christians give the devil the reverence that only God deserves. What about you?

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